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Allotments in Church Crookham

Church Crookham Parish Council manages an allotment site off Naishes Lane on the Crookham Park development in Church Crookham.  If you live within the Parish and would like to be added to the waiting list please read the Allotment Allocation policy and complete the application form which will notify our Facilities Officer of your interest. YOu will be added to the waiting list and will be contacted when a plot becomes available. Contact the Church Crookham Parish Council for more information

There is an Active Tenants Association that provides further information

Applications from residents that live in the parish will be added to waiting list 1, there is also a second waiting list which is open to residents of Crookham Village, Ewshot and the GU52 post code area outside of Church Crookham Parish.  These applicants will be added to waiting list 2 and will only be offered an allotment if there is no one on waiting list 1.

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