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New Councillor for Church Crookham East Ward

Alan Jones – Parish Councillor, Church Crookham East Ward

A note from Alan Jones:

‘My wife and I recently moved to Church Crookham from west London to be closer to our daughter and her family who live in Crookham Park.  I served in the RAF Signals, culminating in 1968 serving in an old Battle of Britain underground bunker.

After leaving the RAF I worked for BT as a telecom engineer.  During my retirement I returned to the RAF Bunker Museum where I volunteered as a guide for eight years as well as volunteering at a public transport museum.

Whilst at our former home I was a member of school governing bodies for 11 years and have worked in various roles within the local authority.  I have always had a strong inclination to help with local matters and improve the environment and look forward to continuing this work with the Parish Council.’