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Parish Council Funding

The Parish Council funding is principally provided by the annual parish precept which is paid by residents as part of their council tax (approx.: £54 per annum for a band D household). Parish Councillors are elected to collectively manage and spend the parish precept in such a way that benefits residents in the parish. The Parish Council prepares a budget in November each year and this determines the value of the precept for the following financial year. The Parish Council budget includes costs for: staff, grounds maintenance, playground maintenance, CCTV, litter collections, speed limit reminders, funding of the Fleet Link bus service, funding towards the maintenance of the Basingstoke canal and various projects to improve facilities in the parish.

Crookham Park Development

As part of the planning permission for the new Crookham Park development, off Sandy Lane, the developer Taylor Wimpey is required to provide a number of facilities such as allotments, tennis courts, a multi-use games area, play grounds, an athletics area and public open spaces. Over time these new facilities will be transferred to the Parish Council together with Section 106 funds to maintain and manage them.

Our Deputy Parish Clerk is also our Responsible Finance Officer.

Please see below for links to our budget, monthly expenditure reports, the annual return and the grants awarded:

  • Monthly Finance Reports


  • Annual Budgets

  • Annual Returns

    The annual return consists of:

  • Annual Grants

  • Annual Parish Reports

  • Asset Register

  • Notice of Public Rights