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Infant, Junior and Senior Schools in and around Church Crookham

Infant Schools

Crookham C E (Aided) Infant School

Gally Hill Road, Church Crookham, Fleet. GU52 6PU
Tel: 01252 615547
Fax: 01252 612086
Headteacher: Mrs Katharine Bowen
Crookham Infant School Website

Fleet Infant School

Velmead Road, Fleet. GU52 7LQ
Tel: 01252 613582
Fax: 01252 624253
Headteacher: Mrs Sue Garner
Fleet Infant School Website

Tweseldown Infant School

Nepal Gardens, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hants. GU52 8LL
Tel: 01252 628843
Fax: 01252 816014
Headteacher: Mrs Kim Tottem
Tweseldown Infant School Website

Junior Schools

Church Crookham Junior School

Tweseldown Road, Church Crookham, Fleet. GU52 8BN
Tel: 01252 617664
Fax: 01252 626736
Headteacher: Mrs Pam Meek
Crookham Junior School Website

Velmead Junior School

Velmead Road, Fleet. GU52 7LG
Tel: 01252 628704
Fax: 01252 627482
Headteacher: Mr Andy Howard

Senior schools

Court Moor School

Spring Woods, Fleet, Hants. GU52 7RY
Tel: 01252 615065

Calthorpe Park School

Hitches Lane, Fleet, Hants. GU51 5JA
Tel: 01252 613483

Further information about schools within Hampshire is available via the Hants website